It’s time for ravers to connect

on and off the dancefloor. 

what are we requesting?

What we provide our partners.

our product Vision.

2 month runway.

  • FEB 2023
    MOI signed

    We form an alliance.

  • Community onboarding

    Promotional emails and social posts designed and scheduled.

  • March 2023
    App Launch

    Exclusive access for 100 members from each community

  • Engagement

    Roll out community engagement campaign. Offers + first DJ/booker/rep chat 'ask and answers' AMA

  • Learn

    Learn and respond, grow and develop.

  • April 2023

    Open the doors for all user access

  • Digital Collectibles

    Production begins. First batch of 1k uniquely designed NFTs for active community members.

  • NFT Marketing

    Collection promoted by Partner with LCT

we bring

closer than ever before.

Thank you.

Joanna & Kosmo